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FAQ about PE tubes

Can my child swim after insertion of PE tubes?

It is preferable that patients who have PE tubes do not swim.  Sometimes, however, this is impractical and interferes with family activities.  Custom-made swim molds are generally safe and prevent water from getting into the ear. 

My child jumped into the swimming pool without swim molds, what's going to happen?

Do not panic, do not pour alcohol in the ears.  Very often, nothing happens, however, if the ear starts to drain, instil the antibiotic eardrops that were prescribed after the surgery.

My child's ear is draining pus? What shall I do?

If the ear starts draining, you may clean it by pouring 3% hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal.  Allow it to foam for a minute or two and then let it drain by gravity.  Wipe the ear with a clean tissue paper or towel. Do not clean the ear with a Q-tip. Make an appointment with our office as soon as possible.

Can my child fly after the insertion of PE tubes?

Absolutely, there should be no problem in flying.  The tubes equalize the pressure (PE is short for pressure-equalizing) between the middle ear and the outside pressure.

When would the hearing return to normal after the insertion of PE tubes?

Assuming there is no nerve damage , hearing returns to normal immediately after surgery.

When would my child be able to go back to school after insertion of PE tubes?

The next day after surgery, your child should be able to go back to school without any  problems.